More than 10 lakes around LB Nagar reached max level, pose danger to nearby colonies

Hyderabad: All the lakes in GHMCs East Zone LB Nagar reached their maximum level which pose imminent danger to the colonies situated in the nearby low-lying areas.

The Meteorology Department forecasted more rain during the next few days which created panic among the people staying in flood-prone low-lying areas.

LB Nagar Zone is always prone to flooding during the rainy season. There are around 10 to 12 lakes in this area and all these lakes reached their maximum level during the current monsoon.

According to the officials, the excess water is being released from Nagol, Bundlaguda, Ramanantapur, Suroornagar, Behramalguda, and other lakes.

The residents of these areas say that they suffer great difficulties during the monsoon as the flood water entering their homes become a normal phenomenon.

Many areas of LB Nagar and Suroornagar were flooded last rainy season which lead to heavy losses to properties.

The GHMC officials are preparing an action plan to save the people in case of flooding caused by the lakes. But the people have no trust on the promises made by the Municipal officials.