Moral Policing: Passenger’s harass couple on local train

Moral Policing: Passenger’s harass couple on local train

Kolkata: A case of Moral Policing has surfaced in Kolkata were a young couple on board in a local train was harassed by a group of men on Saturday.

Yet another couple faced harassment on board the Kolkata Metro because of moral policing. While travelling in the local train from Kolkata’s Sealdah station to Barrakpore on Saturday a group of men screeched over a young couple, Times now reported.

A 28-year-old man who works with an MNC boarded Krishanagar local train from Kolkata Sealdah’s station along with his 24-year-old friend.

Starting from a metro case to Chanda Nagar mela , this all situation came in a pattern..and this time I became one of…

Posted by Anindita Roy on Saturday, June 23, 2018

The couple only had asked a man to shift a bit so that the couple can sit together rather than other men sitting inappropriately next to the girl. To the couple’s astonishment, the middle-aged man bluntly refused to shift saying the air from the fan would not reach him.

However, the couple managed to sit in a narrow space next to the man. But the situation worsened when few more passengers boarded the train in the next station.

It was then the man started misbehaving and yelling over the couple. He even asked the girl to shift to woman’s compartment.

The girl claims this was not all, the men also questioned the dress she was wearing. The men objecting at the jeans she was wearing. The girl, however, managed to shoot the whole scene and shared it on social media.

The duo also filed a complaint with the Railway Police.