Moradabad residents battle against garbage-burning

Moradabad: The harmful smoke emanating from the burning of garbage at the dumping site located in the proximity of a school, and nearby residential areas in Moradabad, has left children and adults gasping to breathe and prone to various skin and respiratory ailments. However, authorities seem to be helpless as they rued the shortage of manpower and infrastructure in effectively dealing with the menace.

Children and staff of Mount Aura Public School located at Bishanpur Road were forced to inhale deadly smoke arising out of the garbage dumping site on the public land located close to their school. Residents of nearby localities are also the victims of deadly smoke. The locals alleged that despite their reaching out to the authorities umpteen times, nothing was done to check the menace.

The school administration also has approached the local pollution board and Municipal Corporation but to no avail.

The smoke from the garbage dumping site has also apparently lowered the visibility in the area.

Narrating his ordeal, Netaram Singh, a manager at Mount Aura Public School, said, “The smoke in the air is making it difficult for all of us to breathe. A couple of children have fallen prey to a cough and other respiratory diseases because of the thick blanket of smog. We have declared holidays for primary classes due to the hazardous condition.”

“All of my classmates sometimes feel breathless due to smoke. A couple of my friends have also been admitted to the hospital due to fatigue and restlessness. We all feel choked while sitting inside the classrooms,” said Tanya, a student of Mount Aura Public School.

Mohamad Muktiyar, resident of Bishanpur, also said that the burning garbage near their house was creating trouble for all the locals and emphasized the need to take urgent steps for dealing with the situation.

When ANI enquired about the same to the local pollution board, the official looking into the matter rued the shortage of staff and expressed his helplessness in keeping an effective check on the garbage dumping and burning in the city. They also allegedly tried to pass the blame on each other.

“Though we have initiated an inquiry into the matter and have sent notice to the owner of the paper mill industry for dumping his waste here and not giving it to the authorized recycler.

The garbage getting burnt near the school comprised of plastic, biomedical waste municipal solid waste,” said Arek Singh, Chief Environmental Officer of Moradabad. He also said that the Municipal Corporation should look into the matter as it is a bigger body.