UP: Moradabad Police to penalise people taking ‘life-threatening’ selfies

Moradabad : As the popular culture of selfies continues to soar across the nation, forcing people to even risk their lives to get that perfect shot, the Moradabad Police has decided to take a stern action against the people found taking selfies at places which may be life-threatening.

The police have taken this step to curb the growing craze of selfies among the youth which in recent times claimed a number of lives.

“It is being witnessed that there is a lot of craze in the younger generation for selfies. It is not wrong, but to make that unique the youth tries to take selfies at places like railway tracks, highways and other places, risking their own and others’ lives. In wake of such incidents, we have decided to take an action against those found taking selfies in such places which may be life-threatening,” said Superintendent of Police Ashish Srivastav.

Srivastav said the people found taking selfies or uploading ones which are clicked at places like highways, railway tracks, railway stations, bus stations, or tall buildings will be penalised.

Last month, a man died while another lost his hand when the duo was run over by a moving train, while they were clicking selfies at the Alwal Railway station near Secunderabad in Telengana.

As per a report published last year, India has had far more selfie-related deaths than any other country in the world in the last two years. (ANI)