Moore, Dawson urge voters to combat Trump’s immigration policies

Los Angeles: Actors Rosario Dawson and Julianne Moore have urged voters to elect Democrats to combat the Trump administrations immigration policies.

In a video made in partnership with We Stand United, Dawson has said that the Trump administration violated international law by detaining migrants at the border who were legally seeking asylum. Moore said the administration created a humanitarian crisis by separating the families and putting children in cages, reported

The video also features quotes from a volunteer and a pregnant migrant, who says she walked from town to town until she was grabbed by immigration. Another refugee explains that he and his family left Honduras because of the gang violence and “suffering”.

Moore urged people to vote for Democrats in the November 6 midterm elections to end the humanitarian crisis at the border.

We Stand United is a collective of artistes, storytellers and leading advocates who have come together to unite popular culture and the progressive movement and advance social, environmental and economic justice throughout the US.