Monsoon skincare tips: Get flawless skin in rainy season

New Delhi: An oily and sweaty skin in monsoon attracts more dirt and chemical pollutants, leading to pimples and a rashy condition. Hence, daily cleansing and skin care with appropriate products is important in this weather, say experts.

Celebrity skincare and make-up experts Shahnaz Husain and Aashmeen Munjal dole out tips on how one can get rid of skin problems in an effective way in the sweaty weather.

The pores must be kept free of hardened oil and the oiliness of the skin must be reduced. Apply an astringent toner after cleansing. Wipe the face with it, using cotton wool. Some home ingredients can also be used, for instance mix rose water and witch hazel in equal quantities and apply on the face.

If there is rash, pimples or acne, wash the face with a medicated soap or cleanser twice a day. Wash the face several times a day with plenty of plain water. You can also apply a rose based skin toner, which not only completes the cleansing procedure, but also helps to close the pores and restore the normal acid-alkaline balance.

If there are blackheads, a facial scrub should be used on the blackhead-prone areas. But do not apply scrubs on acne, pimples or rash.

Mix rice powder with rose water and apply it on the areas with blackheads daily. Rub gently on the skin with circular movements. Leave on for 5 minutes and wash off with water. This can be done after cleansing in the morning.

Pay special attention to the feet. Fungal infections can lead to Athlete’s Foot. After washing them well, dry them thoroughly and apply talcum powder. During hot and humid weather, wear open footwear, so that the sweat evaporates. This helps to avoid fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot and ring worm, which grow on moist skin.

Your hair scalp becomes unhealthy and dirty during the monsoon season. Try to use a good shampoo and a good conditioner as well, which maintains the shaft of your hair and locks up the moisture of your hair.

It is also important to give your hair a proper oil massage on a regular basis because during rain, the humidity rate is very high. That makes your hair roots clogged. Besides, steaming and masking should also be done.

Try to keep your nails more clean and hygienic. This prevents nails from infections. Be extra careful at the time of manicure and pedicure. Make sure you always dip your nails in antiseptic water and the equipments you use are clean and fresh.