This monsoon, manage your tresses like a pro

New Delhi [India]: It is the monsoon season, the time to enjoy the rhythmic raindrops and showers. The rainy season sure seems fun when you are watching the raindrops fall on your car window or when you joyfully dance in the rainfall.

Despite all this, the weather can turn out to be really gloomy for your hair. Here are some tips given by Dr. Rohit Batra, Dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital to keep your hair healthy and happy even during monsoon.

– Shampoo Properly: It is very important to keep your hair clean during the rainy season. Shampooing your hair regularly can prevent dandruff and add volume to your hair. People with oily hair should go for shampoos that balance the PH level of the scalp. Do not forget to clean your hair after getting wet in the rain. Rain water can have a high acidic level which can damage your hair.

– Use Conditioner: Everybody knows that hair tends to get frizzy during the monsoon which makes it an important task to use conditioner. Although, conditioning the right way is also important. Avoid applying too much of it on the scalp, focus more on the lengths and the ends. Rinse it off thoroughly. You can use a comb to evenly spread the conditioner on your hair.

– Use Wide-toothed Comb: While trying to detangle wet hair, always prefer to use a wide toothed comb. A hair brush if used on wet hair can lead to hair breakage.

– Oil Properly: Try massaging your head, preferably with a non-sticky oil. Apply oil with your fingertips on the roots of your hair. Avoid oiling excessively. Too much oil will require a harsh shampoo or too much of it to wash it off. Harsh shampoos may damage your hair further.

– Avoid Hair Styling Products: Hair is more prone to damage and breakage during the rainy season. Hair styling products like a straightener or a curler emit a lot of heat which can damage your hair. Limiting their usage is preferable during this season. (ANI)