Monsoon likely to hit Telangana in second week of June

Hyderabad: While the temperatures are normal all over the state with only one or two places with highest recorded temperature in the last 24 hours. Telangana is likely to receive its monsoon in the second week of June. Earlier, German Institute has already predicted the onset of monsoon in India to be in the second week.

Seems Southwest monsoon has already set in some parts of Southeast Bay of Bengal, Nicobar Islands, some parts of north Andaman Sea and the entire south Andaman Sea this Tuesday.

It is likely that in the next 72 hours, the southwest monsoon would advance into the remaining parts of Andaman Sea, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, some parts of southwest and southeast Bay of Bengal and also some parts of east central Bay of Bengal.

“We cannot say anything now, but monsoon prediction for Hyderabad is normal and expected to reach Hyderabad in the second week of June which is a normal date. This year it may be different, but we will get clarity after a week about the onset dates, on June 1 about the amount of rainfall”, said Y.K. Reddy, Director Indian Metrological Department Hyderabad.

With isolated rain all over Telangana, Adilabad, Nizamabad and Ramagundam recorded the highest maximum temperature of 43 degree Celsius, as reported in DC.