Monsoon essentials for a woman’s bag

New Delhi: You may love the pitter-patter of the rain falling on window panes, but the monsoon can be a tough battle when you have to step out. Always keep some essentials handy so that the raindrops don’t turn out to be a spoiler for your look, says an expert.

Anuj Lalwani, Stylist,, a flash website in the fashion and lifestyle space, has shared five essential things to be kept in your bag this monsoon season:

* Facewash: The rainy season can also be termed as the season of sweat. To steer clear of any sweat-related outbreaks and preventing infections that are quite common in this season, it is imperative to wash your face regularly during the day. Keep a good quality, anti-bacterial face wash handy and cleanse your face at least once during the whole day spent outside.

* Wet wipes: It may not always be possible for you to wash your face during the work day. Opt for alcohol-free and anti-bacterial high-quality wipes. Many of the top variants in the market are infused with elements like Vitamin C, Aloe and Rose Water that don’t just cleanse but also refresh and re-hydrate the skin.

* Compact: Say goodbye to foundation in this weather as it may run with the sweat. It can also get very messy in case you get drenched in the rain. Always make sure you have a good compact in your bag instead. Its powdery texture is ideal to give you a matte look and keep that highly undesirable oily look at bay.

* Waterproof eyeliner and kajal: Avoid dense liquid eyeliner. They will either smudge in the rain or with your natural perspiration. Swap the liquid products with a waterproof kajal (kohl) or a smudge-free gel liner. Apply a thin layer in this season to make your eyes pop just the right amount without any chances of it bleeding.

* Umbrella: Put your fashion sense at work and pick a piece that is cute, vibrant and strong. A pretty and eye-catching umbrella is sometimes all the armour you need in the monsoon to make a strong style statement.