Monkey throws guava inside jewellery shop, takes away Rs 10,000 from cash box

Guntur: A monkey entered a jewellery shop in the pretext of reclaiming a fruit but managed to escape with a currency bundle worth Rs 10,000 in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

The incident was recorded by the shop’s CCTV cameras. The video was widely shared on social media on Sunday.

“The monkey threw a guava inside the shop. Then it entered the stores in the pretext of taking back the fruit. We threw the fruit back but it entered the shop anyway,” the shop owner told ANI.

“It first attacked a worker but he escaped. It sat for almost 20 minutes in the store and then it opened the drawer in the cash counter and took away Rs 10,000 cash,” the shop owner added.

Monkeys, who are revered in India, often trash gardens, offices, residential rooftops and even attack people viciously for food.

Weeks back, it was rumored that money was falling from the skies in a temple in Vrindavan. Later, it was discovered, that a monkey had grabbed a devotee’s purse and was spilling currency notes from top of a tree.