Monkey snatches Rs. 2 lakh cash bag from man

Agra (Uttar Pradesh): A monkey on Wednesday snatched a bag full of two lakh rupees from a father and daughter at the entrance of Indian Overseas Bank at Dhankaran intersection in Navi’s mandi in Agra.

The bank’s guard along with the father-daughter duo chased the monkey but couldn’t get the bag. The monkeys, however, tore up the bag and scattered Rs 60,000, which were recovered.

The incident took place when Thana Naai Mandi Halka Madan resident Sarraf Vijay Bansal went with daughter Nancy to deposit the money in the bank.

“The monkeys attacked me and ran away with my hard-earned money. All my life’s savings have doomed. I am bankrupt now,” said Bansal. (ANI)