Monk straps, Chelsea boots; must-have shoes for men in 2018

NEW DELHI: Besides the white sneakers and black casual shoes, monk straps and brogues are a part of the must-have list of footwear for men this year, say experts.

Ankita Bajaj, Marketing Head at Vans India, and Kim Virk, Business Head at Carlton London, have listed the footwear trend for men in the coming days:

* Monk straps and double monk straps: They are the most fashionable dress shoes. There are two different types of monk straps — the single monk straps that have a single belt and one with double monk straps.

The double monk straps are for people with narrow or smaller feet as it fits better. They can be paired with formal trousers, chinos and denims.

* Wing tip brogues: Any wing tip shoes are perfect for formal attire. The perforated additional decoration in the toe cap makes it look sophisticated and fun. The wing tips look sharp and make good formal shoes. They can be paired with suits and trousers with button-down shirts and blazers.

They are the go-to shoes for formal outfit and are here to stay. But be mindful of the occasion — avoid garish coloured shoes for an upscale formal event. Instead, one should go with the classics.

* Chelsea boots: The laceless boots are sleek and the most versatile of its kind. They can be paired with casual, semi-formal and formal outfits alike. You can leave your trousers sitting over your Chelsea boots as it looks neat. Make sure that your trousers are of the perfect length so that they don’t hide those boots.

* White sneakers: Trainers are a must if you want to wear something sporty yet trendy. One could argue that they get dirty but they go with everything and the colour gives the option to play with it when you experiment with layering.

* High top sneakers: These shoes will keep your feet warm and at the same time add to your style quotient. Mix and match the print or the fabric of the shoe to suit your requirement — from leather to suede or print to plain.

* Black casual shoes: Black sneakers go well if you are going for a monochromatic look this winter or your game is neutral colours. From high-tops to slip-ons to lace-ups, there are so many options from which you can choose.