Money, mafia play chaos in polls: CEO

Hyderabad: Chief Electoral Officer, Rajath Kumar today said that money and mafia are playing havoc in the elections these days as the people are reluctant to play their role by voting. He was addressing a voter awareness program ahead of polls and electioneering at Exhibition Grounds near Nampally organised by the Economic Committee of the Exhibition Society and the Osmania Graduates Association.

On the occasion Rajat Kumar expressed concern and displeasure at the money and muscle power in the politics in any state. Despite the EC taking all measures to prevent the illegal flow of money and liquor and others to induce the people the political parties are indulging in luring them everything possible he said. Even as the elections are a just one week away, the political parties are vying for spending huge amount to lure the voters. And seizure of Rs 104 cr cash, liquor, ornaments and others speak the volumes of such poll code violations in the state which was Rs 28 cr more during 2014 elections in combined state of AP he said.

The CEO made a fervent appeal to the electors to make complete participation in the democratic process by casting their votes along with their family members, friends and neighbours. He also asked the voter to deny accepting money if anyone offers during the poll time and the EC is working hard to prevent illegal flow of money and liquor and mafia.

When you failed to raise your voice through vote the politicians will not prove handy to help you he said.

Rajat Kumar expressed concern that majority of educated, professionals and job holders are somehow reluctant to vote and letting down democracy which will prove futile to develop a better society. From Sarpanch level up to Prime Minister the voters have to choose their best and can reject them if failed to meet their aspirations of development and welfare in the next elections. However the voting pattern and percentage in villages was increasing up to 80 per cent and beyond he said.

Rajath Kumar also said that people are not turning up to vote as recent Municipal elections in Hyderabad saw the turnout of just 54 per cent. Same is the case with other metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi he said adding that the voters can build a better society if they vote and make the works done.