Monaco win a `morale booster` for Mercedes mechanics: Hamilton

Johannesburg: Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton has expressed his relief after claiming his first victory of the season at the Monaco Grand Prix, saying it must have boosted morale of his team’s mechanics.

Mercedes made a promising start to the season with Nico Rosberg winning four out of first six races of this season so far. But Hamilton was still without victory until he finally sealed it in Monaco.

With Hamilton and his Mercedes team-mate Rosberg swapping crews in the off-season, the three-time champion believes it was probably daunting for them to move to his side of the garage as he had no win in his account till Spanish Grand Prix,Sport24 reported.

Thanking his mechanical team for their relentless effort, the 31-year-old credited his crew for helping him in claiming his first victory of the season and hoped their success would continue throughout the season.

Hamilton said the win would probably boost their confidence and would make them realize that he is still strong enough to dominate the Formula One. (ANI)