The one people feel safe and find peace with him. They feel tranquility, peace and security with him. They trust him with themselves, their family and with their money.

The believer is full of benefit. If you consult him he benefits you, when you accompany him he benefits you, if you walk with him, he benefits you… everything about him benefits you.

The above is the summary of the Hadith. Now lets summarize what early people said about a Momin and we can question ourselves about the Quality of a Momin.

A Momin

● If you see him he is a cure

● His wisdom is medication

● You benefit from him even before he talks

● He hurries to every goodness

● He seldom talks and busy in doing goodness whereas the hypocrite talks a lot and does very little.

● Has light on his face, sadness in his heart

● His chest is wide and his nafs/soul is light

● He stops every evil action

● He commands every goodness

● He has no envy, no jealousy, no doubt, no uncertainty and does not backbite.

● He hates status and does not like to be called names

● Always thinking, concerned and silent

● He guards and elevates his time (with remembering of Allah and everything for Allah)

● He does not care about his name and title

● He has no arrogance, does not laugh. Only smiling

● Always seeks knowledge or gives knowledge

● If you seek him he helps you to increase in your own comprehending and wisdom

● He is not stingy and he is not in a hurry

● He is not in a state of anger and does not oppress others

● He does not argue and always makes himself as a wrong one

● He is just in dealing with others

● He is compassionate and caring when he deals with others

● beloved and always be loved

● He always keeps his promise, his covenant, respects his time and the time of others.

● He cares about others and does not engage in things that do not belong to him

● Thankful and content

● Fighting his own desires

● He will not oppress those who do wrong against him

● He will not feel happy with the calamity that arrives or reaches others even his own enemy or those who do wrong to him.

● Always serious with a smile, sharp looking, carefully thinking and carefully talking

● He is always in a state of belief.

This is a true Momin and the above listed are the internal and external of some of the signs of a true Momin.

(Cont… Part – 2)