My mom gets worried about controversies: Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha says while her father and actor Shatrughan Sinha understands that controversies are a part and parcel of showbiz, her mother Poonam Sinha gets worried about the controversies involving her.
Recently, there have been reports that Sonakshi is planning to settle down with her friend and rumoured boyfriend Bunty Sajdeh.

“My dad doesn’t get bothered. He doesn’t get into it at all because he has been through that in fact even more than me,” Sonakshi told IANS.

She added: “But my mom gets worried so I have to pacify her and calm her down. She understands at the end of the day. But wonders ‘why are they writing about my daughter’ so she gets a little protective.

The actress, who is excited about her next film “Akira”, shares that she shrugs off baseless reports, but reacts when they drag her family into it.

She said: “I take it depending on if its only affecting me then I can ignore it, but if you are going to drag my family and friends into it that is not cool.”

The “Lootera” star went on to share that that is when she feels a “need to take a stand because people need to realise along with the person you are writing about there is lot of people around them who have nothing to do with and that’s not right”.