Mohd saleem blasts MIM for dividing secular votes

Congress leader Mohd Saleem doubts the intention of MIM in fighting Bihar elections.
Recent announcement by the MIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi to contest Bihar assembly elections in Seemachal for their rights. It is another example of MIM’s clear understanding with BJP. Their intention is not to fight the elections for the people of Seemachal, but to divide the Muslim minorities and defeat secular parties to support the BJP directly.


As we have seen from years to gather that they play a divisive role in dividing minority votes and enjoy government powers. As was evident in past in the state and recently in Maharashtra too. No minority will benefit from their elections except for their own political & family gain. This is the history of MIM’s 60 years of existence in Hyderabad. They contest the elections for their meagre & selfish benefits at the cost of minority votes. They are just en-cashing the minority votes for their selfish goals to bargain with the ruling party of the time.

If they are so serious & sympathetic with Seemachal people, let them give the list of their achievements for the people of Hyderabad in the past so many years from the day one. Not a single achievement they can code, except for violence, provocative speeches, enjoying the power with the ruling party for their political benefit and fooling the people of Hyderabad.

Hence, I appeal to Asaduddin Owaisi to withdraw MIM from assembly polls in Bihar and support a secular party like Congress and defeat BJP in the interest of Minorities specially & the Nation in general, if he claims to be a True Secular man fighting for the cause of Minorities from a Secular Party.