Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan assaults media persons, breaks video camera

Kolkata: Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan on Tuesday lost her temper and allegedly assaulted journalists in Kolkata. Hasin had got involved in an ugly dispute with her cricketer husband Mohammad Shami, since she posted the screenshots of chats of Shami, claiming that he has affairs with other women.

The incident took place outside the St. Sebastian’s School where Hasin was seen shouting at the journalists. She also broke a video camera in the heated quarrel. In a video, Hasin could be seen leaving the spot in a red SUV. The media person can also be seen holding a damaged camera. Though it is not very clear in the video, at whom Hasin was shouting, she could be seen annoyed and irate.

“We’ve been tracking her since morning and that’s the reason why the entire media brigade has been following her for the past 2-3 days since she filed the complaint. Now she’s been irked by this and the fact that we’ve been asking her questions about what would be the next step forward. That’s the reason why she got irked,” India Today correspondent Manogya Loiwal said from Kolkata.

“But she is the one who wrote everything about Shami on Facebook, she is the one who attracted all this attention towards her. She made sure that everything that Shami had done was there in public glare. So now that the public wants to know what is happening she suddenly flips and says that she wants to keep it low key and wants to keep it in her personal life now. It doesn’t work like that,” Loiwal added.

Shami has been slapped with the charges of ‘domestic violence and attempt to murder’ on the basis of the complaint that Hasin has filed in Kolkata’s Jadavpur police station. She had alleged that Shami abused her physically and mentally. While on the other hand, the fast bowler denied all the accusations and called them false and a conspiracy to defame him.