Mohammed Shami manhandled outside home, three arrested

Kolkata: Three persons were arrested by the police for manhandling Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami in front of his apartment in the southern fringes of the city on July 15.

Three youths, who were drunk, confronted the cricketer in front of his apartment in the Jadavpur area in the late evening of Saturday for allegedly blocking their bike while taking too long to garage the vehicle.

The three offenders were arrested last night, the police said.

The cricketer was with his family returning to his residence close to city’s landmark South City Mall in the southern fringes of the city.

“He was waiting for the security guard to clear the way for his car so that he could park it inside the complex. In the meantime, three youths who were on a motorcycle started abusing the cricketer for taking too long to park his car inside the complex. They also tried to assault him, a police official said.

Shami later lodged a police complaint.

According to police sources, the CCTV footage outside his complex was checked and the culprits were identified before being arrested.

The arrested were identified as Swarup Sarkar, Jayanta Sarkar and Shiva Pramanik.

–with inputs from PTI