Mohammed Saleem- Wakf Chairman felicitated by Islamic scholars

Hyderabad: On implementing a ban on registration of Wakf properties by the Telangana government Mohammed Saleem, Chairman, Telangana State Waqf Board was felicitated by a delegation of Eminent Islamic scholars led by Maulana Syed Shah Asadullah Hassan Al-Saberi Multani, on Tuesday.

Mohammed Saleem was fecilated in the Wakf office at Haj House in Nampally, Hyderabad.

Mohammed Saleem appreciated

Not just Mohammed Saleem, Wakf chairman but also Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao was appreciated by the Islamic scholars.

On the occasion Mohammed Saleem said that the government has introduced and passed the Revenue Bill in Telangana state Assembly to get reform in the registration of the land including waqf land and to prohibit registration.

Adding on, Saleem said that the Waqf Board will address letters to all the registration departments, district revenue officers by communicating the list of the waqf properties in their respective districts to protect the waqf properties.

During the occasion Syed Shah Fazlullah Shah Quadri Al-Musovi, Irfanullan Shah Noori, Dr Hafez Mohd Mastan Ali Quadri, Hafez Nadeem Ahmed Baksh, Mohd Ahmed Kamrani, Dr Hafez Mohd Saber Pasha Quadri, Gulam Rabbani, Mufti Abdul Raheem Quadri, Tanveer Pasha Quadri and others were present.