Mohammed Saleem asks Qazis not to rush into ‘talaq’ or ‘khula’

Hyderabad: Telangana Waqf Board convened an advisory meeting of the Qazis on Wednesday in which issues like incidents of talaq and khula and collection of additional fee at the time of Nikah were discussed.

Qazis of city and districts, associated with Anjuman Qaza’at attended meeting; however representatives of two key organisations of the city didn’t turn up for the meeting. They argued that the government and Waqf Board have no right to interfere into Qaza’at’s affairs.

Waqf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem asked Qazis not to rush into ‘talaq’ or ‘khula’, instead prevent families from breaking through counseling. He said Qazis can play a positive role in changing the society. Muslims are defamed due to talaq and khula incidents, he said.

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