Mohammed Raushan brings laurels to the city

Hyderabad, July 09: At a time when the proportion of Muslims is fast diminishing in Civil Service, if a Muslim student qualifies for Civil Services it is a happy event not only for his family but for the whole community. Mohammed Raushan secured 44th place out of 1236 candidates. Hopefully he will serve in our city as IAS officer.

Mohammed Raushan who is a down to earth person told that not only he but the entire family is happy on his success. First of all he thanks Allah for his success, and then gives the credit to his parents, family members, teachers and lecturers. He told that he had wished to become IAS officer right from his childhood. He always wished that he gets a good job and a prestigious post and gets such achievement which can make his parents proud. Eminent pediatrician Abdul Baqi and Dr. Meena Baqi (general physician) Reshma Clinic Tolichowki are the proud parents of Mohammed Raushan.

Mohammed Raushan cracked the exam in his 3rd attempt. However he didn’t get discouraged by the failure. He tried again and again and eventually succeeded in his endeavour.

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