Mohammed Ali Shabbir and Rajender enter into war of words in council

Hyderabad: During the discussions on budget in Telangana Legislative Council, Congress leader of opposition, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir and Finance Minister, Mr. E. Rajender exchanged blames and harsh words.

Mr. Rajender told that due to the marvelous performance of Govt. of Telangana, Congress has no future in the State. Retaliating immediately, Mr. Shabbir told that Mr. Rajender’s remarks are nothing but the dreams of a cat. On another occasion, Mr. Shabbir entered into war of words with Mr. Farooq Husain. Mr. Shabbir told that Mr. Farooq Husain’s political career is due to Congress party. Mr. Sudhakar Reddy, MLC also criticized Mohammed Ali Shabbir. Mr. Shabbir retaliated that Congress gave him to TRS as a gift.

–Siasat News