Mohammed Ali Shabbir flays snapping of water and electricity lines of OU hostels

Hyderabad: Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the leader of opposition in Telangana legislative council today charged the TRS government of human rights violation as it had denied water and power supply to hostels boarders in the Osmania University on Saturday.

He has dashed off a letter to the SHRC to demand a thorough enquiry as to how the students preparing for competitive exams slated later this month were denied basic amenities .’ It is a matter of utter shame that the Vice Chancellor personally led a posse of police men to the hostels disconnecting water and electricity to their rooms in an high-handedness and brutal manner, he said.

On Saturday night, as about 6000 students were gearing up for Monday’s competitive exams for teachers posts, the authorities of the Osmania University snapped the power and water supply to all hostels on campus at around 7 PM. This development came days after the varsity administration advised students to immediately move out of the hostels on campus voluntarily on the ruse of repairs or that they would be forcibly evacuated.

Shabbir who has been associated with the Osmania University said that University authorities had in the past allowed students to stay in the hostels to prepare for competitive examinations. But this year the University authorities had issued the diktat as a punishment and grudge against the students for raising anti-CM slogans at a University diamond celebrations event on the campus, three months ago.

Terming the snapping of water and electricity to students hostels as a heinous act of the University perhaps prompted by the TRS govt, he said the students have no alternative but to agitate against the dictatorial government

Shabir Ali sought the intervention of the SHRC in favour of students and that the University authorities should allow the poor and students from lower income groups to stay in the hostels for sake of attending the competitive exams as was done in the past. He wanted a free and fair probe into why the university had been harassing the students instead of facilitating them to appear in competitive exams and get qualified for job opportunities. (NSS)