Mohajir leader commends Trump’s comments about Pakistan’s role in promoting terrorism

Washington: Lauding the United States President Donald Trump’s statement on Pakistan’s role in promoting terrorism, the Voice of Karachi (VOK) chairman and Mohajir leader, Nadeem Nusrat said that Trump deserves an applaud for taking a strong stand and publicly discussing Islamabad’s role in terrorism.

In his latest interview to Fox News, Trump said, “Pakistan doesn’t do a damn thing for us,” while defending his administration’s decision to pull hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to the Asian country. Trump further charged that the Pakistan government helped wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden to hide in their country.

Nusrat, in a statement released by the Voice of Karachi, said that Trump’s candid comments on Pakistan’s dubious role in dealing with terrorism and providing refuge to Osama bin Laden have once again posed serious questions about Pakistani deep state’s role in sponsoring religious extremism and terrorism worldwide.

The statement further pointed out that Trump’s statement cannot be overestimated as it is the first time a president has talked about Pakistan’s role in the hiding of terrorist Osama bin Laden.

“For years Pakistan’s officials kept denying the presence of Osama on Pakistani soil, but in the end he was found and killed by American special forces operatives in a Pakistani town, widely considered as a fort for Pakistani military,” the press release stated.

The statement asserted that Trump’s remark has reiterated the claims made by The Voice of Karachi that Pakistan regime and military play a key role in promoting extremism and using religious terrorism as a tool for foreign policy.

“The VOK chairman added that these latest comments of President Trump have merely confirmed what the Voice of Karachi leadership has been pointing out for a while. Pakistan’s military establishment’s role in promoting and using religious terrorism as a foreign policy tool is not a secret anymore,” the statement read.

Nusrat also claimed that several Pakistan citizens have also fell prey to the “mindless policy” of the country and urged the international community to also closely scrutinize Pakistani security forces’ inhuman treatment of the country’s ethnic and religious minorities.

“On behalf of Pakistan’s oppressed ethnic and religious groups, I commend President Trump’s bold, yet honest, comments about Pakistani deep state’s role and assure him on behalf of all suppressed ethnic and religious groups their full support for the current administration’s policy on South Asia,” Nusrat said.

The statement also revealed that as many as 25,000 Mohajirs have been killed by Pakistani security forces and similar acts of state brutalities are also a part of everyday life in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan.