Modi’s UAE visit brings ‘bure din’ for Indian mafia dons in Dubai

Dubai: In a major breakthrough, India and the UAE have agreed to strengthen cooperation in the area of counter terrorism and extradition of wanted criminals.

This effectively means the closing of UAE’s doors to Indian mafia dons, who have a history of fleeing to Dubai to evade Indian law enforcement agencies.

Both nations in a joint statement today agreed to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement, anti-money laundering, drug trafficking, other trans-national crimes and most importantly extradition arrangements.

“The two nations reject extremism and any link between religion and terrorism. They condemn efforts, including by states, to use religion to justify, support and sponsor terrorism against other countries. They also deplore efforts by countries to give religious and sectarian colour to political issues and disputes, including in West and South Asia, and use terrorism to pursue their aims,” the joint statement added.

The signing of this agreement comes as a major step by the UAE to take a harsh step on the terrorism activities plaguing their own nation besides the ISIS threat that is on their doorstep.