Modi’s security is as strong as Israel’s Mossad: Shiv Sena dubs Maoist plot ‘laughable’

Mumbai: Shiv Sena came harsh on the recent claim of Moist letter suggesting a Plot to target Prime Minister Modi. The Saamana editorial says that politics should not be played over security of the prime minister and the chief minister. “They should be given security. It is ok if lakhs of people die (in Naxalite attacks) however they should live.”

According to agencies report, The Shiv Sena dubbed the alleged plot as “laughable”, saying the conspiracy does not seem legitimate and appears like the story of a horror film.

In remarks laced with sarcasm, it said high-profile leaders ought to be provided elaborate security cover irrespective of lakhs of people dying in attacks by insurgents.

Making light of the alleged threats by Maoists to the prime minister and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, it said, “Some say that a part of the BJP considers Modi and Fadnavis as thorns and has given a ‘supari’ (contract) to Naxalites to eliminate them. However, such statements should not be given much importance.”

A letter purportedly suggesting to assassinate Modi and Fadnavis has come to the fore, however, it is condemnable that the issue is being milked for political purpose, it said.

Modi’s security is as strong as Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency) and it is virtually impossible for anybody to penetrate it, the Sena claimed. Similarly, Fadnavis has converted the state secretariat into a “fortress”, where the movement of common man has become difficult, it alleged.

Siasat Web Team