Modi’s Pakistan visit extraordinary: BJP

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Pakistan has revived the peace process between the two nations and was done in an “extraordinary” manner, the BJP said on Saturday.

“The party expresses its deep admiration for the prime minister for his courage, vision, imagination and skill in creating a transformative moment in the sub-continent,” Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson M.J. Akbar told reporters at a press conference.

“The peace process between the two nations has been revived and the manner in which the prime minister revived it is quite extraordinary,” he added.

He said Modi’s visit has created hope that there will be one happy consequence, and if all goes well, the prime minister will undertake a visit to Pakistan next year for the Saarc summit.

“The extraordinary and positive public response to these developments tells it own story… democratic leaders understand the heartbeat of the public,” he said.

Akbar, however, said a new chapter in India-Pakistan relations cannot be written by a single author but by two authors and who read from the same page.

“We extend our warmest appreciation and applause for the prime minister’s extraordinary initiative for his great vision not only for Indo-Pak relations but for all Saarc nations for his desire to see a comity of nations within the Saarc umbrella where leaders can call upon each other without abandoning formalities but with a degree also of unprecedented formality,” he said.

Akbar said all have welcomed this development, except one or two political parties.

“Pakistan’s mainstream political parties have welcomed this. Foreign countries too have welcomed. Except one or two political parties of the country, all have welcomed it,” he said.