Modi’s ‘OM’ & ‘cow’ remark: here’s how Congress reacts

New Delhi: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi told to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his ears should be raised when humans are killed in the name of cow and the constitution is violated. Prime minister’s ears should have raised when injustice was done to Tabrez Ansari, Pehlu Khan and Akhlaq. He was reacting to PM Modi’s remark in which he had said that ‘it is unfortunate that some people feel that the country will go back to the 16th century no sooner they hear the word “Om” and “cow”.’

“It is unfortunate for the country that for some people, as soon as they hear words like ‘Om’ and ‘cow’, their hair get raised. They think that the country will now get back to the 16th century. Such knowledge!… Those who are bent upon destroying the nation have left no stone unturned,” the Prime Minister said at an inauguration event in Mathura.

Congress leader and former CM of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat also reacted on Modi’s remark. He said ‘OM’ existed even before BJP and RSS. Modi is saffronising ‘OM’ for political agenda.

Congress spokesman Shama Mohammed also reacted to PM’s remark saying no one has any objection on words like ‘OM’ and ‘cow’ but unfortunately there are people in the country who when they hear words like ‘economy’ and ‘employment’ become silent.

AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Wednesday alleged that mob-lynching incidents were taking place in BJP-ruled states and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should ensure action against the guilty.
Owaisi referred to Prime Minister’s remarks about cows at an event in Mathura and said while the animal is sacred to the Hindus, the Constitution provides right to life and equality to all citizens.

“The Prime Minister had earlier said that the Tabrez Ansari mob lynching incident pained him. But these incidents are not stopping. This is also happening in states where BJP is in power as the governments there are not taking actions,” he told reporters here.

“Cow is a sacred animal for our Hindu brothers but in our Constitution, right to life and equality has been given to humans. I hope the Prime Minister will keep it in mind,” the AIMIM leader said.