In Modi’s ‘New India’, there’s no punishment for killing ‘puppies’ (Muslims)

Zafar Agha,

The Rajasthan police has given a clean chit to the six people who were accused by Pehlu Khan as being responsible for his lynching. Now where Pehlu Khan’s family would go for justice? Why only the family of Pehlu Khan, where would Muslims and Dalits, who are being victims of mob lynching, go for justice?

Clean chit to accused of Pehlu Khan’s lynching, makes it clear that no one can do anything to ‘Gaurakhshas’. They will get ‘Rakhsha’ even if they do murder. After the release of Pehlu Khan’s killers, there is no hope that any kind of action would be taken against ‘Gaurakhshaks’. Because Gaurakhshaks are the party to Sangh Parivar which is active in making India a Hindu Rashtra. How can the BJP government, which is riding on the shoulders of RSS, dare to punish Gaurakhshaks? And what more these gaurakhshaks are doing, they are just killing any Pehlu Khan or Akhlaq or some poor Dalit. The blood of Muslims and Dalits in this country especially during Modi rule is cheaper than water.

Prime Minister Modi has announced that he would form a new India. Where is the need for a new India? Was a constitution not made in 1950 after country’s independence? Everyone knows that a new India was formed then, on the basis of constitution. That India is a secular country and recognizes believers of all religions as equal citizens.

The answer to the question why Modi needs a new India lies in the fact that Modi is not only associated with Sangh but also abandoned his wife and family for it. He was the chief minister of Gujarat for 12 years before becoming prime minister in 2014. During his rule Gujarat witnessed the worst riots of history, in which 2000 people (99 pc Muslims) were killed. Modi government refused to provide refuge to the victims of riots. During an interview when he was asked if he regretted the riots, he said that even if a “puppy comes under the wheel” of a car, one felt sad. This showed that in the eyes of Narendra Modi, who is highly influenced by the Sangh ideology, Muslim’s value is not much more than a ‘puppy’.

In this situation, how can Pehlu Khan get justice? How can Zakia Jaffery of Gujarat or Ishrat Jahan get justice? Is there any punishment on killing puppies? No. not at all! Then it was clear since the beginning that police will not book a case against the killers of Akhlaq and Pehlu Khan. No punishment be given if any person of minority community is killed. One shouldn’t be surprised if the killers are presented medals. Because although it is not announced on constitutional level, India has become a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ where minorities are reduced to second-class citizens.