Modi’s five-nation tour a ‘strategic, diplomatic success’, says Shah

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah on Thursday termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s five-nation tour as an “unprecedented strategic and diplomatic success”, and said what the country could not achieve in decades was achieved by the BJP-led government in just two years.

“Modi’s historic address to the US Congress has brought honour for crores of Indians and his five-nation tour has achieved unprecedented strategic and diplomatic success. A prosperous and strong India is marking its presence on the global stage in the leadership of Modi ji,” Shah said in a statement.

Prime Minister Modi left on June 4 on his tour of Afghanistan, Qatar, Switzerland, the US and Mexico. He left for home on Thursday from Mexico City.

Shah said it is due to the success of the BJP government’s “aggressive diplomacy” that India is poised to become a member of the major multi-lateral export control regime — the 34-member Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).

“After joining this group, India, for the first time would be able to export weapons. It’s the result of the diplomatic success of the Modi government that the country has achieved this feat in just two years, what we could not achieve in decades,” he said.

The BJP president also said that on India’s call, the world is uniting on the issue of terrorism.

“Prime Minister’s call to fight the menace of terrorism is gaining support across the world. Many of the nations of the world were forced to change their strategy against terrorism. The recognition of terrorism as bad and good has come to an end, and political and economical support to terror sheltering nations has been controlled,” Shah said.

Shah said that despite obstructions by the opposition, decision-making is the speciality of the Modi government.

“Even during crisis, India has shown its leadership quality and has marked its place in the world,” he said.