Modi’s e-office project: 70 % Govt employees spend their office hours watching YouTube

New Delhi: At a time when the PM Modi himself is focusing on mega Digital India project, the revelation that 70 % of central government employees watch YouTube in offices is shocking.

According to the sources, most of the officials looking after the respective ministries are hooked on YouTube by keep watching films while others are glued to choicest videos.

The misuse of e-office projects has come from none other but the Rural Development Ministry Joint Secretary Santosh Mathew.

The issue emerged at an e-office workshop organised for all ministries on Thursday where Mathew, briefed others about how to accomplish the task of digitising all files and move to a paper-less office.

“Sufficiency of bandwidth is an issue. It is said that 30 per cent of people in government work and 70 per cent watch videos on YouTube, choking the bandwidth. Please tell your officials that logs can be pulled out to detect who is watching how much YouTube … this e-office will not succeed if this is not checked,” Mathew was quoted as saying by The Economic Times.