Modi wave stronger now than in 2014: Modi

Kathua: A Modi wave lashing the country is now stronger than what it was in 2014 when he stormed to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Sunday.

“I have gone around the country… I now see a more powerful wave than in 2014. All the surveys are suggesting that the BJP is winning three times more seats than the Congress in the Lok Sabha,” the Prime Minister thundered at an election rally here.

“The chances of survival for the Congress is very difficult,” he said.

Referring to the opposition, Modi said some people were so intent on hating him that they consider nationalism as an abuse.

He hailed the people for coming out to vote in the first phase of Lok Sabha elections in the state on April 11.

“You have proved the power of Indian democracy… With heavy voting in Jammu and Baramulla, you have given a strong response to the terrorists and opportunists.”

He said elections and leaders will come and go but the country will remain.

In an apparent reference to the opposition, he said: “‘Mahaamilaavati’ and their ‘rag darbari’ ask why Modi is speaking about protecting the nation. Speaking about the nation is important…”

He accused the Congress of doing politics over the 100th anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre on April 13.

“While the Vice President, who is not a part of politics, went for a programme organized in Amritsar to pay tributes to the martyrs… the Chief Minister (of Punjab) was missing. He boycotted the programme because he was busy in Congress bhakti. He went there with the Congress President but not with the Vice President. That is the difference between the love for a family and love for the nation.”