Modi understands importance of private sector: US Senator

Washington: Highly critical of Nehruvian socialist democracy, a top US Senator has praised the free market economy push of Prime Minister Narendra Modi observing that he understands the importance of private sector. “I think, the new Prime Minister is trying to move in a different direction and realises the wisdom and importance of private sector.

Unfortunately we have got a President who is not convinced of that in this country,” Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said in his remarks during the launch of Republican Hindu Coalition.

“We watch with great interest as India seems to be putting aside some of its socialists rules. Nehru was a great Indian, a great person, but his tendency to lean towards the Soviet Union and pick up some of their bad habits lingered India for long time,” McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, said.

Advocating the need for a stronger Indo-US ties, Pete Sessions, Chairman of House Rules Committee, said under Modi’s tenure there is much greater realisation of strengthening the ties between the two largest democracies of the world. “I have found that with the election of Prime Minister Modi, his jelling of ideas as to the future of this great nation and the relationship they would share with America would be economic, would be strategic and would be cultural, with the understanding that our two nations have much in common,” Sessions said.

Observing that “we have engaged to create 10 million new jobs with India and American together,” Sessions said, “If we have to succeed, then we have to partner with Prime Minister Modi.” Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin said there is need to embrace free market system to address the challenge of unemployment and poverty. “It is based on economic freedom and personal liberty,” he said. “Better relationship between India and America would be a recipe for peace and prosperity of the world.

It’s a joint venture,” said Congressman George Holding, Co-Chair of the Congressional India caucus. Senator Rob Portman from Ohio, who was instrumental in bringing Indian mangoes to the US during the Bush administration, said there is a unique opportunity to strengthen ties between India and the US.

“This is a relationship which is good, but can be great. We need to work more together on all issues including economic issues,” he said.