Modi has turned India into an ‘Intolerant India’: Congress

New Delhi: Congress  made a sweeping attack on the Modi government saying in two years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has succeeded in redefining the identity of India as ‘Intolerant India’ as there are many casualties including casualties of unity, casualties of communal harmony, casualty of agriculture, casualty of employment but one of the biggest fatalities and casualties – the freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Briefing media at party headquarters here on Friday , Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP and Spokesperson alleged that Modi has turned India into an ‘Intolerant India’ shaming India from being a proud democracy.

“Unfortunately, from having this most cherished fundamental right in our Constitutional system, Mr. Modi,in two years, has succeeded in redefining the identity of India as ‘Intolerant India’. He has made it into an ‘Intolerant India’ shaming India from being a proud democracy. Would you like to live in a country where if you were to say that Pakistan is not hell, you can be charged with sedition, Must you wear Nationalism on your sleeve to such an extent and it is not that one swallow makes a summer?

He asserted that it is not that it is one stray comment – why is it that since 2014 in particular, we are having almost weekly filing of sedition cases, why does no less than the Defence Minister of the country say “Going to Pakistan is the same as going to Hell”.

Giving graphic details about BJP leaders’ hate-mongering,  Dr Singhvi  asked ‘Why does the BJP President, no less, says “If by any chance the BJP loses, fire crackers will be burst in celebration in Pakistan”. These are not ordinary people. These are the top echelons of Indian politics and society. Why does the Chief Minister Mr. M. L. Khatter says”Muslims can live in this country but they will have to give up eating beef”?

Why it that you are having attacks on ancient Churches in Mangalore, a rape of 70 Years old Nun in West Bengal.”

Attacking cow politics, he said “Gaurakshaks” have been indulging in wanton killing and beating of people but no action was taken against them.

“Tthe number of incidents from Una to Uttar Pradesh, how many killings, how many deaths, why is it that in Dadri, a person belonging to a particular community, is dragged out of his house and killed on suspicion. Why is it that Muslim women at Mandsaur Railway Station are attacked in this manner – all on suspicion – most of the suspicions found to be baseless on investigation,” he added.

The  CMs of BJP States, the President of the BJP, the Defence Minister, the BJP General Secretary Mr. Kailash Vijayvarghiya says “Shahrukh lives in India, but his soul is in Pakistan”, Yogi Adityanath – very difficult to quote – The point is that would we all or any of us like to live in India like this? The whole essence of democracy is famous Voltaire’s phrase “I disagree with you entirely, but will defend to death your right to disagree”. I certainly should agree with these comments – I may not agree with Ramya’s comment – Nobody says that you are to agree with her but the question is does she have the right to have that view? The question is as simple as that”.

On the question that in Karnataka it is your party in power where sedition charges have been filed, Dr. Singhvi said this is one of the greatest ‘Mithya Prachar’, misconception which is going on whether it is Amnesty or the more recent incident – two or three points you must know – a number of times from this podium and elsewhere it has been said by the Congress Party that we condemn such application or misapplication or abuse of sedition leaving nobody in doubt that the Congress Party does not stand for it.  Somebody registers an FIR and you blame the State Government – it has nothing to do with the State Government. There are these lumpen elements, this last Karnataka incident happened 250 Kms. of South of Bangalore. In a small village, a group of persons go and stand on the head of the Police and say Register an FIR, the Police registers the FIR, the State has no role. When the State comes to find about it, they deny it, they condemn it. In the Amnesty case, the CM himself has gone on record to say that he did not know about this, this is registered at the shouting of the ABVP group and we do not think it chargeable case. No charge sheet is filed, no prosecution has started, but the State Government is dragged in to it.

He said the since this government to power, lumpen elements got eak emboldened, they feel they can do it with impunity, they feel that they will have no retribution ultimately because the climate created by Modi and his Party in less than two years, is of strategic silence  encouragement and supportive silence.

Courtesy : Muslimmirror