Modi trolled by ‘bhakts’ for extending Ramadan greetings in Urdu

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended Ramadan greetings to Muslims for the first time in Urdu which infuriated his bhakts. Modi is being trolled for tweeting in Urdu on his twitter handle. His bhakts are targeting him with various names.

A Twitterati named Ranjeet Kumar wrote, ‘if you want to retire in 2019 we the followers disappointedly will have to leave you, we have elected you for Ram temple and Rashtravad, not for Ramadan.’

Another Twitterati Abhishek Hindu wrote ‘as a dedicated worker of BJP I appeal you to not to pay much attention to Muslims, lest Hindu voters would leave you.’

A man named Satyam Yadav wrote ‘Hindus are in danger.’ Another Twitterati expressed anti-Urdu attitude saying ‘Modi extended Ramadan greeting in a language which we do not want to see in India. Some asked why Prime Minister Modi did not tweet in Sanskrit.

However, a number of Muslim Twitterati thanked the prime minister for sending the greetings in Urdu. Many also replied to him in Urdu.