Modi should speak on Lalitgate row demanded Asaduddin Owaisi

AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Wednesday demanded the involvement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lalit Modi debate in Lok Sabha and also to bring back Rs 1,365 crore involved in the case to the country.
He said the Prime Minister should stand on the floor of the House and announce that he had confidence on the sincerity of his Cabinet colleague.

He praises Ms Swaraj and Pointed out why her party left her alone when she was facing criticism in the controversy, Mr Owaisi said, ‘Madam “Ghar ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye’ (the house member ruins his own house), find out the secret agenda behind it.”

Entitling IPL as Indian Political League, he said as long as this IPL was in existence, everything would be ruined in the country. He questioned the inaction of the government in apprehending a person escaped to Pakistan after siphoning off Rs 20 crore in the Rs 120 crore scam of the Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association.

Maintaining that Dalits and Muslims were deprived of passports for their involvement even a simple “hurt” cases, he said instead those who violated RBI and FDI guidelines and IT laws easily got passports.

He said that the Prime Minister respond on the entire controversy and also to explain the steps being taken to bring back the money involved in the IPL scam.