Modi praises Odisha tea seller for educating slum children

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hailed a tea seller in Odisha’s Cuttack for providing education to 70 slum children.

A day after he visited the Odisha city for an event to mark the completion of four years of his government, he spoke about the tea seller, D. Prakash Rao, in the 44th edition of his monthly radio address “Mann Ki Baat”.

“He has opened a school named ‘Asha Ashvaasan’, spending 50 per cent of his income for children living in slums and hutments. He ensures education, health and meals for all the children coming to this school”, said the Prime Minister, terming the life of Rao, a tea vendor for the past five decades, “an inspiration to us, our society and the whole country”.

He also spoke about underprivileged girls in Rajasthan’s Sikar who were stitching clothes for themselves and others.

“Our daughters, who were forced to sift through the garbage and beg from home to home in order to earn a living, today are learning sewing and stitching clothes to cover the impoverished.

“These daughters have become self-reliant today and are living their lives with respect and have become a strong support to their families.

“They have demonstrated that if you have the desire to do something and if you are determined towards that goal then success can be achieved despite all odds,” he said.