Modi does not know what people want : Rahul

Nilambazar: Alleging a disconnect between the people and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi today accused him of not knowing what they want and making “false” promises which he never fulfils.

“Modiji never goes to the people or listens to what they want. He is not interested in knowing what the ordinary people of the country wants. He thinks he knows everything and people will listen to whatever he says,” Gandhi said while addressing two election rallies in Assam’s Barak valley.

“Have you ever seen any photograph of Modiji with any farmer or visiting their land or any jhuggi-jhopdi? You will see his photograph in some Make in India event surrounded by some industrialists and bureaucrats but never with ordinary farmers, labourers, women or youths,” the Congress Vice-president said.

Gandhi urged the prime minister to go to the people saying it would benefit him.

“But he will not do that as he thinks he knows everything,” Gandhi said.

Continuing his criticism, the Congress Vice-president said the Prime Minister only knows how to make promises before elections but does not know how to fulfil them.

“Many people had trusted him and had thought that he could do something for them. But he broke their trust and now it is only big businessmen who are happy in the country and not farmers, labourers, women, youth or the poor of the country,” he added.

The people of the country are, however, intelligent and they have realised that Modi never “fulfils” his promises.

In Bihar during Modi’s election campaigns people had asked him about the promises made before the Lok Sabha polls and the prime minister asked them to “forgot” those as he had come with a new set of promises.

“The people of Bihar gave me a befitting reply by asking him to run the country and leave them to Nitishji and Laluji.

The people of Assam will do the same,” Gandhi claimed.

Gandhi said the erstwhile UPA did not run a government of a few people. “We were not a government of selected industrialists and the nation was run by people from all parts of the country.” .