Modi has lost his mental balance: AAP

New Delhi: After the arrest of its Narela MLA Sharad Chauhan, 12th AAP legislator to be arrested by police, the AAP today launched a sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking whether he (PM) has lost his “mental balance” and wondered whether the country is “safe” in the hands of a person who acts with such “vengeance”.

AAPs Ashish Khetan alleged the PM spends his every waking moment in plotting the fixing of all his political opponents.

He further alleged Modi appears to be concerned only with political persecution.

“He (Modi) appears wholly unfit to lead this country as the Prime Minister. Can we trust the countrys administration in the hands of a person who spends his every waking moment in plotting the fixing of all his political opponents? Is such a person psychologically and temperamentally fit to run the country?”

“The way Narendra Modi is running his reign of vindictive politics is dangerous for the country. He is targeting his opponents in a systematic manner, be it his action against (Gujarat cadre IAS officer) Pradeep Sharma, other officers, AAP MLAs or against the AAP government in Delhi.”

Chauhan was arrested by police in connection with the suicide of a woman worker of the ruling party, taking the total number of arrested AAP MLAs to 12.

Senior party leader Ashutosh said instead of appreciating AAP governments “good” work in health and education sector, the Prime Minister is sending its MLAs to jail.

“Another AAP MLA arrested. Has Modi gone mad? Has he lost his mental balance? If PM acts with such anger/vengeance then is country safe!

“Delhi govt doing great job. Yesterday 16 lacs parents of govt schools 1st time came for PTM (Parents Teachers Meeting). Instead of appreciating he is putting in jail. Great initiatives are taken by Delhi govt in education-health instead of praising Modi is sending AAP MLA jail. Is country safe in his hands?” Ashutosh said in a series of tweets.

Interestingly, last week Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had alleged that Modi was conspiring to kill him. After a CBI raid on in Delhi Secretariat, Kejriwal had called the PM a “psychopath”. PTI