Modi Ji! Is the Muslim not Indian citizen? Asks Shahi Imam

New Delhi: On the completion of 4 years of BJP led NDA government, Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is Muslim of India not the citizen of the country? Then why is he oppressed and why sab ka saath sab ka vikas slogan is not put into practice.

Shahi Imam hailed the efforts for grand alliance but categorically said it would be possible only when all parties shun opportunism and come into the field with concrete strategy.

He alleged that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Muslim countries he tries to give the impression that he is Muslim-friendly and sympathizer of Muslims but when he returns to the country he removes his Muslim-friendly mask. He said while Modi tried to create good relations with Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Jordon, he didn’t try to maintain relations with 25 Cr Muslims of India. As a result Muslim of the country distanced himself from Modi.

Imam Bukhari said PM’s sab ka saath sab ka vikas slogan has been proved a hollow claim as he didn’t nominate a single Muslim in Rajya Sabha election. Similarly not a single Muslim was given ticket in 2017 UP assembly elections and Gujarat elections. He asked is Muslim not a citizen of India.

Imam Bukhari observed that a new kind of nationalism slogan is in trending these days which will lead the country to another division.