Modi govt. will fall if Muslims shun beef for just 6 months

To divert public attention from its failure, the Modi government has raked up issues like love jihad, Ghar wapasi, beef ban and triple talaq. Minorities especially Muslims are being targeted in these controversies. It is crystal clear that RSS wants to make India a Hindu Rashtra hence Muslims are being targeted in a planned manner. Beef issue is raked up to create Muslim hatred among innocent Hindus. It is made to believe that Muslims eat beef where as the cow is a sacred animal for Hindus. But on the contrary Muslims are just 14 pc of the Indian population. Dalits, tribal and other backward classes, besides Christians, eat beef. Dalit and tribals are associated with cowhide business. 99 pc of the cow exporters are Hindus.

If Muslims shun beef for just 6 months it would badly hit country’s economy consequently Narendra Modi government and its allies, the so-called nationalists will see their end. Muslims can go for other alternatives like, meat, chicken and fish. They can also strengthen their economy by sheep, poultry and fish farming. In that case it would not be possible for communal elements to call sheep, hen or fish their mother or father.

Importantly the non-Muslim beef exporters have named their companies as Al-Kabeer and Al-Hamd to hoodwink Indian Hindus and Muslims countries. Indian leather industry is worth 13 billion dollars. Bones of cow, buffalo and bull are used to make pottery and medicine. It must be noted that 22 lakh people are associated with beef industry while 40 lakh are associated with bone and horns processing units; majority of them are Hindus. India is ranked 2nd in footwear and leather garments industry.

If beef slaughter is banned, on an estimate there will be a loss of 30 billion dollars (exchange currency), while 60 to 70 lakh people will become jobless which will adversely effect country’s economy. Farmers will be the worst effected. Already thousands of farmers have committed suicide during the past three years. They themselves are starving; in this situation what will they do of useless cows, bulls and buffaloes? Daily Rs. 100 is required to feed each animal. Which means there will be an additional burden of Rs. 365000 annually on the already debt-ridden farmers? Already the farmers have left not one or two but 53 lakh stray cows on roads and streets to get rid of their burden.

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