Modi govt. responsible for hate and violence in Gujarat

New Delhi: Opposition Congress and other leaders showed strong anger over the attacks continued in Gujarat against labours and workers of UP and Bihar. They have held Modi government and BJP responsible for that. Addressing a press conference, Congress national spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi raised the issue of Gujarat and said people of Uttar Pradesh made a candidate of Gujarat prime minister, today the situation is that the same people are being driven out of Gujarat. She said nearly 40000 people of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan are being driven out of Gujarat. Lashing out at prime minister she said when you go in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar during elections you tell it is like your home, now after getting 71 seats out of 80 you are doing this conspiracy.

Former MP and social worker Ali Anwar Ansari said it is riot and Modi government is responsible for that. One person did wrong we condemn it; but the whole community cannot be punished on the wrongdoing of one person. Former BSP MP Mohammed Salam Ansari said whatever is happening in Gujarat is at the behest of BJP. Congress national spokesman M Afzal said one who did wrong should be punished why the entire atmosphere is being polluted.