Modi govt responsible for the atmosphere of intolerance: Cong

New Delhi: Amid growing attacks on Dalits, Congress today squarely blamed the Narendra Modi government for the atmosphere of intolerance in the country, saying the “fringe” has become the centre.

“In India the ‘fringe’ has become the centre and the centre has become the ‘fringe'”, party spokesman Jyotiraditya Scindia told reporters, targeting the Prime Minister for showing “helplessness” to take action.

Replying to questions, he said “intolerance is the core issue” at present given the fact that the government, which is mandated to provide safety and security to people, is not asserting on any issue.

“It is unfortunate that the government has remained a mute spectator as the attacks are growing…It does not behove Prime Minister to be seen as helpless and meek,” he said.

Saying that at Una in Gujarat, Dalits were attacked for skinning a cow which was killed by a lion, Scindia regretted that in this session of Parliament, there has been no suo motu statements from the government on such issues.

Wondering as to why the government is not doing anything about this rise in violence against Dalits, he said a climate of fear is being created.

“Every 18 minute, a Dalit is assaulted. Three Dalits are raped and two Dalits are murdered each day,” he said and asked why the Home Minister, the Social Justice Minister and the National Commission for SC and ST were not acting.