Modi govt. pressurizes CSO to give fake GDP data: Subramanian Swami

Ahmedabad: BJP leader Subramanian Swami doesn’t hesitate to lash out at his own party. He once again attacked Narendra Modi government saying that the government had pressurized CSO officials to give good economic figures. To make believe that demonetisation had no negative effect on the economy and GDP.

Addressing a conference of the chartered accountants he accused the central government of pressurizing CSO for showing good figures. He asked not to go by the quarterly (GDP) data claiming they are all bogus. He said he was telling that because his father founded the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO). He further revealed that he went there with (Union) minister Sadananda Gowda (statistics minister), who called the CSO person, as there was pressure to release data on demonetisation. So they released (GDP) data showing that there is no impact (of demonetisation).