Modi should give details of his BA, MA degrees: AAP

New Delhi: A day after the CIC directed Delhi University and the Gujarat University to provide information on degrees earned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the AAP on Saturday said he should have given details of his academic qualification immediately since the PM tweets even on a minor issue and wondered if anything was “fishy”.

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said the Prime Minister has mentioned in his affidavit that he passed his BA in 1978 from Delhi University through Distance Education Learning and MA in 1983 from the Gujarat University.

The Central Information Commission had yesterday directed Delhi University and the Gujarat University to search and provide information on degrees earned by Modi to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who had criticised the functioning of transparency panel.

Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu also directed the Prime Minister’s Office to provide “specific number and year” of the degrees earned by the Prime Minister to his alma mater–Delhi University and Gujarat University to make it easy for them to locate these records.

“People asked questions through RTI from the PMO, Delhi and Gujarat universities. All said they cannot share details.

“Is something fishy in this? Is there any kind of forgery. If the degree is right, then a question arises in mind that since Modi ji who tweets even over a small issue…He should have tweeted details about his degree. But until now he has not shared any details about his degree nor has his office done that.

“I hope after the CIC ordered the Delhi and Gujarat universities, the PMO share details of his BA and MA degree.” he said.

Singh said doubts are also being raised at the degrees of ministers in the Modi government’s cabinet.

“There is a case of HRD Minister Smriti Irani. Then degrees of some (BJP) ministers from Maharashtra and Goa were also under scanner.

“But now the question is about the degrees of Prime Minister. He should not have even taken even three minutes (to share the details). The more he delays, the suspicion will only grow stronger.

“If it comes to light that the PM has lied over his degree then its a serious issue,” Singh said.