Modi to contest from Secunderabad in 2019

Hyderabad: After failing to form a Govt. in any southern state, BJP is making an attempt to stabilize itself in the South.

It seems that instead of following “Divide and rule” policy, BJP is adopting the strategy to ‘Join hands’ and finish. BJP was in search of a support in the South which TRS is fulfilling.

By towing the line of Mr. Modi, Mr. KCR is making an attempt to forge a new relationship with Mr. Modi by offering him to contest from Secunderabad parliamentary constituency.

It is understood that the sitting BJP M.P. Mr. Dattareya has been consented to contest Assembly seat of Sanathnagar.

C.M. of TS, Mr.KCR has been in search of an opportunity to please Mr. Modi. It is understood that he has invited Mr. Modi to contest from Secunderabad.

Now TRS would communicate the talk of Mr.Modi “Maan Ki Baat” through it.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]