‘Modi’ for Chhota Shakeel, D-Company’s code words game exposes Iqbal Kaskar

New Delhi: Dreaded gangster and underworld don Iqbal Kaskar, who has been arrested by the Thane police in an extortion case, has made some startling revelations about the D-company.

The latest on the list of revelations made by him is about the code words used by Dawood-run D-Company while carrying out criminal operations.

Kaskar has claimed that D-company uses codes like ‘Modi’ and ‘Delhi’ for ‘Chhota Shakeel’ and ‘Karachi’ and respectively.

As per another report, code ‘Bade’ was used for its chief Dawood while ‘Dabba’ was used for ‘police van’ by the powerful criminal organisation.

‘Ek dabba’ code has replaced ‘ek peti’ to represent Rs 1 lakh and ‘ek box’ is used in place of ‘ek khoka’ (Rs 1 crore), Kaskar reportedly said.

The underworld company used these code words while talking to its operators.

Apart from this, Kaskar has also confirmed that his brothers Dawood and Anees Ibrahim are in Pakistan. According to him, they travel to Dubai without papers to avoid being tracked by intelligence agencies.