Modi Burns India: Twitterati takes a jibe at fuel price hike

Hyderabad: ‘Modi Burns India’ was trending on Twitter on Sunday, as netizens took a jibe at Prime minister Narendra Modi over the hike in fuel prices.

Well-known YouTuber Dhruv Rathee took to Twitter to express his views on the fuel price hike stating, “In the last six months, Petrol has performed better than Bitcoin” he remarked mockingly.

It is to be noted that fuel prices have been on the rise in recent times, and currently, petrol is priced at Rs 113 per litre.

Another Twitter user wrote, “25% of Indians have to spend 80% of their earnings to Diesel and Petrol. This is because of incapable ruler..”

Expressing his views on the same another person named Ameen said, “Honestly, it is becoming difficult to manage households due to rise in petrol & gas prices. How will common man survive, if things remain like this?”

“The king who gives himself up to oppression and acts unjustly (towards his subjects) is more cruel than the man who leads the life of a murderer,” wrote Gayatri Srikanth, another Twitter user.