Modi should also introspect when he advises Pak: Mayawati

Lucknow: Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi over “failure” to prevent terrorist attacks, BSP supremo Mayawati on Sunday said while he is advising Pakistan to concentrate on welfare of its people, he should also introspect on the working of his government.

“It is good to advice Pakistani counterpart to concentrate on welfare his people. PM should also introspect of working of his government. There is anger among people of the country after the killing of 18 armymen in Uri attack.

“People expect concrete assurance and effective action from PM to check recurrence of such an incident,” Mayawati told reporters in Lucknow.

People of the country are “upset” with the BJP government due to terrorist attacks on soldiers and want such incidents to end, Mayawati said and lamented that “PM has failed to give any assurance to people of the country that such acts will not be repeated and our borders are safe.., there will be no terrorist inflitration..and none of your soldiers will have to sacrifice their lives due to terrorism.”

“This is failure of the Centre to fulfill aspirations of the people,” she added.

She said instead of framing any “long term policy” to counter such attacks, Modi government is “misleading” the people and trying to divert attention by advising Pakistan to fight “unemployment, poverty, illiteracy”.

“The PM should also see that his record is bad on the fronts of eradicating poverty, controlling price rise and fighting illiteracy,” she said adding that due to failure of BJP to fulfill its promises it had to taste “humiliating defeats” in Delhi, Bengal, Bihar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

On Jammu and Kashmir, Mayawati said that the situation there could not be controlled in past three months due to which the “people of the country are concerned”.

Alleging that PM Modi was trying to “emotionally blackmail” people ahead of Assembly polls, Mayawati said advising Pakistan was a “political conspiracy” and people of UP and Punjab should be aware of it.

Addressing a rally in Kozhikode yesterday, Modi asked Pakistan’s people to question leaders of their country as to why India exports software and Pakistan exports terrorism despite getting Independence together.

Lashing out at the neighbouring country, the Prime Minister said its leaders used to say that they will fight for 1000 years with India and wondered where they were now.

“I accept this challenge. I want to tell you that India wants to fight with Pakistan. If you have the courage then why not fight to end poverty, unemployment, illiteracy. Let us see which country wins, India or Pakistan,” he said.

Accusing Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh of failing to check spread of Dengue and Chikangunia, Mayawati said common man were facing hardships but Samajwadi party is busy in “Grihyuddh” (family dispute)”.